Business Reception Desk – Top 5 tips For Creating The Best Impression


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Adding a modern reception desk in the midst of your modern decor for your new office could be just the touch that your reception area needs. Many major decisions have been made by a person’s first impression of a business. The reception area is the first area that a potential customer sees as they enter into the doors of your new business. When this area is free from clutter and well organized and designed, it will help to show the potential client that this is how your company does its business.

Making Your First Impression

Your reception desk, depending upon the design of your area, could be the focal point of your entire reception and waiting area. A quality designed desk that has a very high show man ship is very important for that first impression. If you are a smaller business that is just starting out, money to totally stock your office with quality furnishing may be quite a struggle.   The reception and waiting area would be your number one concern and then your office would be the second. If you want to be successful, you have to show that this is where your mind set is focusing.

How To Create The Best Impression

  • Purchase a quality desk that is worthy of drawing attention
  • Hire a receptionist that is pleasant and friendly with the clients as they enter
  • Decorate the remaining area with a décor to match the desk
  • Make sure the receptionist area is organized and free from any clutter
  • Make sure that the entrance area is always clean

How Does This Help?

With a well decorated and organized reception area, the use of a solid wood roll top desk could be an option. Then put in place your friendly and people oriented receptionist that will greet everyone that enters the door with a smile. Making sure that you added to the décor some comfortable chairs for which your potential clients may wait for you until you are available to speak with them. Make the waiting area clean and clutter free but as comfortable as possible. Maybe add a lamp or two to the lighting to make a warm glow but light enough for everyone to see. A vase with a simple flower or two can also add a warming and comfortable touch.

A good first impression will make the rest of the meeting go much more relaxed and comfortable. Your office should be professional and well organized also. You can not have a well thought out reception area and then the rest of the spaces are unorganized. This will set the belief that the beginning was just for show and your business is not as organized as originally thought. Allow plenty of room to display charts and graphs and several options of how you can help the potential client. Do not be afraid to use one of your large conference room tables so that there is plenty of room to work.

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