How Your Office Desk Can Help Attract New Business

office-deskA receptionist desk can say a lot about a business. Most people take their reception areas for granted because they think clients coming to see them only care about how they appear to them when in reality, it goes far deeper. Clients who enter a building hoping to do business don’t want tosee an untidy or unfriendly reception area because that can set the tone for the rest of the meeting. However, what so many people don’t realize is how your office desk can help attract new business but how can this be possible?

How Is The Reception Area Presented?

To attract new business, everything being offered has to be perfect. That unfortunately includes the reception area and to be honest, this needs to be the area that shines because it’s the first thing most clients see when they walk into an office. If the reception area looks untidy or isn’t up to scratch then people will think no one cares about the image they send out. However, by adding a solid wood roll top desk and keeping the area well presented, it can bring in business.

Using a Modern Reception Desk Brings a Sense of Pride and Quality

When a potential new business client walks into the door, the first thing they love to see is a modern reception desk. This includes having a modern desk, a friendly receptionist and of course, modern furniture that looks good but is also very professional as well. Many people think rustic chairs are charming but at times, clients want to feel professional and want to see the serious side of the business first before they can relax.

First Impressions Count

To be honest, the first impression means more than anything else in business. If someone gets off to a bad start by showing a bad first impression, it’s almost impossible to recover from that. However, having a beautiful office which is clean, tidy and professional looking can help to bring in and attract new business. There may not be many visitors but still, those who do visit need to be bowled over by what they see. Sometimes, a stylish solid wood roll top desk waiting for them can show clients what the business is all about.

Brings a Professional Feel to Business

With a modern reception desk and area, clients coming into the business can feel as though they are dealing with professionals. No one who is serious about their business wants to work with someone who is less than professional. Bringing in new business is possible as long as both people are on the same wavelength and show the professionalism needed too. For any business, that can be given with a modern desk.

Attract New Business

Many people don’t realize that their reception or office desk can say a lot to someone visiting the business for the first time. A business may offer a great service but the client cannot see that whenthey first walk in the door. Clients see untidy receptions waiting for them and that won’t bring in their business. One of the best ways to attract new business is to use a modern reception desk.

Modern Reception Desks

trading desk

When decorating your office your receptionist desk area helps to create the look that you are wanting to portray. This area may very well be the first impression that many of your customers have of you and your business. That makes this area very important and will have an effect on the success of your business. When a potential client walks into your office and sees a nice well organized designed reception and waiting area, they seem more relaxed and at ease with their business dealings. Many offices are leaning towards the more contemporary or classical look. Continue reading…

Office Furniture: Tips To Improve Your Modern Reception Area

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When designing your new office, a modern reception desk could be a big part of your appearance. It is important to have your reception area designed to match your business and your attitude of how you handle your business shown in your décor. If you are a professional and take your business seriously then your reception, waiting area should show a professional and organized appearance. Making sure this area is not cluttered and stays super clean shows professionalism of you and your staff. This will also give your prospective clients a positive image of how you and your staff will handle their business. Continue reading…

How To Choose A Good Receptionist Desk

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When designing your new office, a modern reception desk could be a big part of your appearance. It is important to have your reception area designed to match your business and your attitude of how you handle your business shown in your décor. If you are a professional and take your business seriously then your reception, waiting area should show a professional and organized appearance. Making sure this area is not cluttered and stays super clean shows professionalism of you and your staff. This will also give your prospective clients a positive image of how you and your staff will handle their business. Continue reading…

The Reception Desk – Top 5 tips For Creating The Best Impression


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Adding a modern reception desk in the midst of your modern decor for your new office could be just the touch that your reception area needs. Many major decisions have been made by a person’s first impression of a business. The reception area is the first area that a potential customer sees as they enter into the doors of your new business. When this area is free from clutter and well organized and designed, it will help to show the potential client that this is how your company does its business. Continue reading…

Wall Mounted Desk

With today’s focus on technology in the work place, a solution to save space and eliminate clutter is necessary for increasing efficiency. Many office personnel, especially those who work in the information technology industry use double LCD monitors. Having two monitors on a desk in addition to all the other necessary desk items can make it cumbersome to work. But there is a space saving solution that is ideal for this type of set up. A double arm desk mount system will allow you the exemption to work with your monitors while saving space.

The Vivo Mounts double arm desk mount, model LCD005, can really be used either as a desk mount or wall mount solution. The desk mount system is perfect for work stations and is a low cost solution to help prevent clutter and look attractive all while being extremely functional. The double arm mount affixes easily and securely to a desk with minimum effort. You can use it on any type of desk in a matter of seconds by simply following the easy to follow instructions. Likewise, the wall mount is equally easy to install and is ideal for offices where the desk or work area fits against the wall. Visit (

The double arm mount unit fits monitors from fifteen to nineteen inches so it is ideal for office set ups. You can adjust the height so it is within a comfortable viewing range and also tilt the unit 30 degrees up or down. You can even do this for each monitor so if you want to position each one differently, you can do this. The arm also swivels which is a great space-saving solution. If you have a meeting in your office or want to work on papers without the need for using the computer, you can easily turn the monitor away for even more room.

wall mounted desk

When you are not using the computer, turning the computer away from the desk allows you more room, looks less littered and is also a better security and privacy measure so nobody can see over your shoulder. If your office or your department has a need for dual monitors, consider using the desk mount system. This is easy to use, convenient and space saving. But even with all those advantages, it has the added benefit of being attractive too. Whether you have a traditional office environment or an ultra-modern look, this desk mount will work perfectly with your office decor.

The desk mount system for dual monitors has many advantages. Obviously, it saves space, allowing you to have more usable surface area on your desk. It eliminates clutter and allows you to be more organized. It can even enhance security and privacy by allowing you to swivel the desk mount system away from you when needed. visit this website. All this and it is attractive in the office space. But the best part of this desk mount and wall mount solution is that it is inexpensive. Instead of having to purchase more furniture, this double arm desk mount system will fit into anyone’s budget.

Trading Desk

Inventory and data trading are the future of online display, and likely online video, mobile, and addressable TV, among other digital media. This isn’t a doom statement for publishers or even ad networks, just that a significant amount of data and inventory will be refined by traders going forward. From the earliest days of a stock exchange there has been the concern that exchanges will commoditize a market and ruin personal relationships. Suffice it to say, no one today can imagine purchasing or merchandising a stock without the exchanges on which they’re traded.

Agency trading desks like Cadreon and VivaKi have launched successfully with investment spending from their parent corporations. In order to thrive in the eyes of their holding companies and stockholders, though, three simple rules will need to be put in place.

Client Compensation Must Change
Clients are so focused on acquiring the last price in paying their agency that many, I believe, would rather be happier knowing they got the lowest price for the agency’s services rather than knowing they got the best results for their marketing dollar.

Interclick and ValueClick, two publicly traded ad networks report gross margins in the mid forty percent range. Yet Interclick’s net income was around 4% of its revenues. This tells me Interclick isn’t getting rich off its clients. They’re continuously spending to innovate and keep pace with (or, they hope, ahead of) the industry. If a client wants to keep an agency and/or its trading desk in the 15% (or worse, 10%, 3%, or 1.5%) model, they will get commensurate results. No digital agency can operate on these margins and generate great, measurable selling results for their clients. And, what of the agencies who put clients on retainer, and as a result feel as though they’re adequately funding their portion of the desk? See the third rule below!

trading desk

Embrace Co-Opetition
It has always amazed me that the executives within major car companies only drive their own product. Why not rotate competing brand’s cars among executives each month (and among the engineers astatine that) to find what other companies are doing better and differently to help stimulate innovation? The same will need to apply for agency trading desks if they are to succeed. Not everything can be home-grown, and if they ne’er work with other outside trading desks and networks, they won’t get introduced to new ideas that work as quickly.

When I was on the agency side I was sometimes taught that shuttering outside ideas saved the agency. Having been on seller, client, and agency sides now, though, I can see this is clearly not the case. Both clients and agencies would be smart to mandate the uninterrupted testing of outside co-opetitors. This link had something to say..

Internal Compensation Must Change
Wall St. lures the best and brightest with the prospect of making millions before you’re 30. Holding companies woo young grads to Madison Ave with the hopes of making over $50k before you’re 30. Yet to be a great digital media trader, the skills aren’t entirely different. This isn’t to say that traders will need to make $1M to succeed, but the current employee comprehensive model – driven by the poor compensation model thrust upon agencies by their clients as mentioned above – makes communion of wealth impossible. If a client’s campaign goal is a $25 cost per reservation and the trader achieves a CPB of $21, shouldn’t they share in that success financially? The same would go for helping the agency earn a fair profit on each campaign such that they can continue to innovate, and so on.

School Desk

When you decide that you’re going to home school your children, there are a lot of things which you have to consider such as materials like pens, pencils, paper and books. Aside from these, you also have to think about your kid’s development and this is when a school desk comes in handy. Although you may think that a desk is only for school, nowadays, many are using one for home purposes.

On this note, it’s important that when you school your children at home, you have an organized area wherein your children will be able to learn. Since this is the case, you have to do your part and create an environment that is meant for education. Anything related education is first priority for you.

While it’s true that many learning materials carry a vital role in that, you should also know that a school desk is just as important. Having one in your home is like having an extension for your child to learn effectively. When you are creating an atmosphere meant for learning, you must see to it that the said environment is set- up in such a manner that your child will know the value of knowledge. You have to think about what kind of school student desk is right for your home, in order to make kids feel as if they were in an actual school setting. This in turn, will surely help them in many ways.


The best type of desk that you may want to consider is one with a lid. This is the perfect way to ensure that your student is organized and has the materials needed right at his fingertips. Doing things this way may result in less time wasted and increased chances of learning. See the site:

Another advantage of having a school desk in your home is that kids will be more focused on their school work and less interested about what’s going on around the house. When they enter a room or area where home schooling occurs, they will know without a doubt, that it is learning time. Of course, when they focus, they will more likely do well on homework and other school-related activities.

Remember that when you begin the process of home schooling, there are a lot of things which you have to take into consideration. Among such things, see to it that you make full use of school desks for optimum learning.